22 November 2011

A Slow Starter - Current Favourites

Since first creating this little space of mine I've noticed how I never seem to have any time to actually write on here. I'm always so busy (I'm in my final year at University - this doesn't help) I barely even have time to just chill out and have some time for myself to be honest. But that's life sometimes I suppose.

But anyway, here I am. A quick post just to list a few of my favourite things so far in this month of November. Random I know!

  • Despite it being absolutely freezing, I must say there is nothing better than being tucked up in a warm bed listening to the rain and wind outside. Kind of relaxing I think.
  • Shopping. Okay who doesn't. But... It's not all for me. I'm trying to be super organised and get some Christmas presents sorted nice and early. This is actually very rare for me. But I really have enjoyed walking around the shops seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations. And all the cute little gifts that are floating around at this time of year.
  • Spending what time I do have with my family. So despite being quite busy I have had the chance to spend some time with my brother who I don't often see. Which of course was lovely. 
  • Music... I think this one will always be a favourite of mine. So I do a fair bit of driving around and I often have my iPhone plugged in to my stereo so I'm usually always getting new music and playing around with my playlists. I've been listening to Katy Perry - The One That Got Away pretty much all  of the time. I've also just purchased Rihanna's - Talk That Talk album which will probably soon become a favourite of mine. I've had Farewell and We Found Love on repeat.
  • That AMAZING feeling when you've completed a piece of work/assignment. Something that literally takes over for a few days or weeks. There is nothing better than that feeling when you've completed it and handed it in.
  • Lush products, popped in here the other week to get some presents for friends, and I thought I'd treat myself to a Cinder's bath bomb and The Comforter. Lovely.
  • Probably one of the greatest things ever - Cosy Pyjamas. 

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