26 July 2013

Yankee Candle Haul

I very briefly mentioned in my previous post that I stumbled across some little Yankee Candle bargains. I'm a big fan of candles in general, aswell as a Yankee Candle lover. I normally just stick to buying the wax tarts as I think they're affordable and it's easy to switch it up and try different scents without committing to a jar. But after spotting a few of my favourite scents, at a reduced price, I used the opportunity to pick up a few bigger sized candles!

The three little jars pictured above, Vanilla Satin, Beach Flowers and Black Coconut, are three scents that I love and have previously purchased as wax tarts. They were an obvious choice when I spotted the offer. Vanilla Satin has a light vanilla (surprise, surprise) scent to it which isn't too strong or sickly in comparison to some of the other vanilla scents. Beach Flowers has a fresh, floral and almost clean scent. Finally, Black Coconut has a light coconut/vanilla scent to it - it smells sweet and tropical.

In terms of price Black Coconut was it's usual price for the small sized jar, being around the £8 mark, but the other two were just over £5 each, as well as being 3 for 2! So for all three jars I paid just under £15. I'm pretty pleased with that! There were loads of different jars to choose from, and I was glad that this also included some of the newer scents.

The Triple Berry Tumbler is normally priced at £12, but was reduced to just over £8. I can't describe how delicious this candle smells. It's a really fruity sweet scent. This particular candle is part of a limited edition range, I really like the colourful summer look to the packaging. I also grabbed a couple of the Lake Sunset wax tarts. These weren't on offer but I quite like the scent - which I'd describe as being light and sweet with a hint of vanilla. I haven't spotted this particular scent elsewhere so I grabbed a couple.

I found this lot from at an outlet centre which had a nice big range of Yankee Candles. Although, I have been looking online and found quite a few places which are doing little sales and have reduced some of their prices. Here are a couple of the links for anyone that may be interested; yankee centreyankee.co.ukyankee direct.

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents? 

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