28 June 2012

An Update

Long time no post... or at least it feels this way! I just thought I'd do a little update post today. My last post involved a 7 things which I hoped to achieve throughout last week. As I mentioned in that post, I absolutely love making lists and do it on a regular basis as I find it's the only way to keep things fairly organised in my mind, without forgetting things anyway! I'm thinking now perhaps I was a little bit over ambitious as I only managed to achieve about 3 of those things but nonetheless I had a pretty productive week. Safe to say in future it will be a fortnightly or a monthly list as the weeks seem to just fly by sometimes. 

I've been on a bit of a high this week as I discovered my results from my degree, which I finished in May, and I'm pleased to say I passed (WAHOOOO!!). 'Results Day' was really lovely actually, the University arranged a little buffet and students came in picked up their results and sort of stuck around for a chat, food and drinks. For the last 3 years my course really did pretty much take over my life but I'm pleased to say it was worth it in the end. It feels pretty odd now that it's all over but it also feels amazing knowing that I can chill out and enjoy the Summer stress free. For everyone out there who is still in the process of completing a course of some sort - all the best and good luck :)

So as you can imagine I've been pretty distracted in the last week - not to mention that I also have work which leaves me pretty exhausted at the end of the day. But on the odd days/hours that I have had free I've been taking it fairly easy and spending time with loved ones, having early nights, finishing 'The Host' - (loved this book), and attempting to keep things organised and clean. 

So, until next time ... x

19 June 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

I spotted a lovely post by Louise (whose blog I love), that was right up my street. This post included a little list of 7 things for 7 days - filled with different things to be achieved for the week. I love this kind of thing and I'm often making lists. I find making lists and writing things down really help me to get things done! They can keep me motivated and help me to remember what needs to be done - as lets be honest sometimes life can be pretty hectic. 

So although it's now Tuesday I'm going to do the same. Here is my little list for this week;

Organise- After finishing University things have slowly began to settle down. Now I have more time for myself there is an ever growing list of things that need to be organised - and that I actually have the time to organise. Things such as piles of receipts, letters, magazines, notes etc. This pile is slowly taking over my desk!

Relax- I've had an incredibly busy weekend, I worked through it all and I'm pretty exhausted. So I'm going to try and find at least one day in this week to chill out, have a nice bubble bath and cosy up with some candles and a good book. 

Work- Kind of the opposite to relaxing eh, but like many other people I have to work... booo. I'm also starting a diploma with the company I work for so I'm going to have to get my head down and get working on this to.

Catch Up- Phone calls, friends, emails. You know the drill.

Exercise- This one was also on Louise's list, and like Louise I'm not suggesting a HUGE work out session. I'm leaning more towards the healthier lifestyle side. I need to try and make time to 'look after myself' more by being a bit more active and eating a bit more healthier (I have the WORST sweet tooth ever). I often think this to myself week in week out... but I really do need to stick to it!

Save- This will be on my weekly list for weeks. I'm planning on going away this year so I really need to put away those pennies! I'm really looking forward to having somewhere booked and to have a week away in the sun. I'll be avoiding the shops and all forms of temptation for at least a couple of months (hopefully!!).

Read- I've almost finished reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. This was a birthday present well over a year ago now. I didn't really rush to read this and I'm not sure why as it's a really great book. Whilst reading this I've constantly been thinking "This would be such a good film!" - I looked it up and funnily enough it is in post production to be released next year! I'll definitely be doing a post on this once I'm done.

Louise is doing an interactive 7 Things - Link Here. Feel free to join in :) I think its a great idea!

What are your weekly/monthly tasks? Do you write to do lists?

15 June 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Stairway To Heaven

Back in May, when I finally finished my University course, I decided to treat myself to a couple of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes. I often admire Lippmann's polishes when I spot them as I think there are some absolutely stunning shades. Not to mention the variety of glitter polishes that are also available (do I need to mention that I absolutely love glitter!?). 
One of the polishes that I picked up, if you hadn't already guessed from the title, was Stairway to Heaven. 

I'd describe this shade as an off white cream with various pieces of glitter in it. The Lippmann site describes this shade as "iridescent icicle glitter' which I think is quite a nice, fitting description. 

{Love the bottle shape! I think the name Stairway to Heaven really suits this shade}
The polish itself is quite thick and easy to apply giving a lovely glossy finish. Although the shade in the bottle looks like an off white cream, when on the nails this shade is a lot more subtle, almost clear looking. The colour once on the nails is a 'your nails but better' shade. It's very natural looking and I think compliments the glitter.  

The first coat gives a nice sparse layer of polish and glitter, however two coats gives a more even and fuller finish in terms of glitter distribution. There is plenty of glitter in this polish which is great, however the first coat at times doesn't always give an even glitter distribution on the nails. Although I found it easy enough to even the glitter out onto the nail without messing up the application via the brush. 

I absolutely love the pieces of glitter in this polish. There are a few hexagon shaped pieces and a few smaller square pieces. I love that the pieces are iridescent, in different lights the colour of the glitter almost changes. So when moving your fingers around you can catch bits of baby blue, light green, purple and pink coming from the glitter - huge fan of this. 

{Two coats. Ring finger is Stairway to Heaven painted over Ciate's Bon Bon}
Like many other glitter polishes Stairway to Heaven can look lovely on its own or layered over a bright or subtle shade. Unfortunately the above picture doesn't really give the finish justice, as it didn't quite capture all of the pieces of glitter that was actually on my nails - due to the iridescent pieces of glitter and me not having the best camera! However I did find some amazing swatches on Temptalia's blog, click HERE to check them out!

Overall I'm pretty impressed with this nail polish. I have tried and own a variety of different types of glitter nail polishes and don't feel that I own one that matches this - dupe/quality wise. Although the price tag seems pretty ridiculous I have to admit for a glitter junkie like me I will definitely be getting my moneys worth out of it. One of the reasons why I chose this shade was that I hadn't really spotted anything else quite like it. 

Deborah Lippmann's polishes can be purchased online or in House of Fraser. Polishes retail at around £16. Lippmann collection site; HERE

Have you tried any of Lippmann's polishes? I would love to hear what you think of them.

13 June 2012

Book Ramble/Review - 'The Hunger Games'

About two weeks ago now I managed to finish reading Suzanne Collin's - The Hunger Games. I'd previously watched the film adaption and really enjoyed it and have been meaning to get around to finally reading the book. At long last I found the time to do it and I'm so glad I did.
{Image: Wikipedia}
It's safe to say The Hunger Games is quite a popular book/series (the first part of a trilogy) and so many of you may have already read or watched the film but I thought I'd do a little post on my thoughts on the book. In a nutshell this book is based in a post-apocalyptic time in which the government, known as the Capitol, arrange a yearly game known as The Hunger Games in which 12 boys and 12 girls are forced to participate in these games in which the one rule is "kill or be killed". The story is in first person, from the perspective of Katniss who takes her sisters place in the games.

Taken from the back of The Hunger Games (the blurb):

'In a dark vision of the near future, twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to appear in a live TV show called the Hunger Games. There is only one rule: kill or be killed.

When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen steps forward to take her sister's place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.'

After watching and enjoying the film I was pretty certain that I'd also enjoy the book and I wasn't in any way disappointed. If anything I found the book a lot more enjoyable, I really couldn't put it down. This book is definitely different to anything I've ever read before. I thought it was clever, thought provoking and full of suspense. This book touches on themes of poverty, oppression, survival and hope. But it doesn't bog you down, I think it's really well written and I'm definitely looking forward to reading the second book (Catching Fire).

If you've watched the film but haven't picked up the book I can't recommend it enough. The book explains things a lot clearer and goes into more detail than the film in many different ways. Definitely a must-read. 

Have you read or watched The Hunger Games? Are you a fan?

8 June 2012

Revlon ColorStay Eye Shadow Quad

As you may or may not know there have been many little 3 for 2 deals floating around in certain drugstores across all beauty items (Superdrug & Boots). So a few weeks back whilst picking up a few bits I decided to grab a Revlon Eye Shadow Quad as they really appealed to me. I went for the quad 500 - Addictive, which includes four neutral shades. I have to admit I don't often pick up eye shadows from Revlon, although I do quite like the brand, so I wasn't sure what to expect. 

I have to say I've been quite impressed with this little quad. The shades included work lovely together, they give a lovely soft finish on the eyes and they have fairly good lasting power (Revlon claims 16 hours - I'd say around 7/8). All four shades included are not shimmery so it's easy to achieve a soft, flattering look. These eye shadows aren't hugely pigmented which may be a problem for some people, but personally this doesn't bother or affect me - I think it adds to the softer daytime look. It also looks lovely when blended together due to the softer consistency. 

I have found these eye shadows are easy to blend and I have had no problems with creasing or smudging. I'm a big fan of the texture of these eye shadows as they're nice and soft. 
This quad comes with your standard little double sided sponge brush. The packaging is basic, but nice and sturdy. I like that the lid is mainly see through so on quick glance I'm able to see what shades are in there. These eye shadow quads are priced at £7.99. I have noticed that both Boots and Superdrug have a £2 off deal at the moment - so at the moment this can be picked up for £5.99. There is quite a variety of quads to choose from, so there is definitely something for everyone.

Overall I personally really like this quad. I love the shades and the soft finish these can achieve. I love how well they work together. It's not the best eye shadows that I've ever used but I definitely find myself often reaching for this during the day. Something about it really appeals to me - possibly as it gives the look/finish that ticks many of my boxes. I often find myself using the bottom right brown shade as an alternative to brown eyeliner - it looks lovely. The 4 step look demonstrated on the back of the packaging is also a look I often opt for with this quad - love it :)

Have you tried any of Revlon's Quads? 

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