24 February 2012

A New Day!

How lovely is it to wake up to a bit of sunshine. Where I am in the UK the last few weeks... no wait, the last few months have been pretty miserable (this may be a bit of an understatement!!) There has been rain, strong winds, frost, snow and just some really really cold days and nights. The type of weather where you just want to stay in and be nice and warm, preferably buried under a duvet cover with a hot drink. Unfortunately, this is something we can't often do... I'm thinking back to fond memories of scraping the ice off my windscreen first thing in the morning and being out and about in freezing cold weather.

But today the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I'm not one for checking the weather forecast so it came as a nice surprise and I find it makes me think of Summer days to come. So today yes I am sat in front of my computer working on my dreaded dissertation but the sun is shining and it's a Friday! Wishing everyone a lovely weekend wherever you are. 

23 February 2012

No7 - Highland Mist

I love a new nail polish so a few weeks ago when Boots were giving £5 off No7 vouchers, polishes were the first thing I looked at! I was drawn to No7's 'Highland Mist'. No7's nail polishes are priced at around £7 and I think they're a pretty decent quality, so along with my £5 off the end price was £2 (bargain!!). 

'Highland Mist' is what I would describe as an autumn shade, it's a rustic brown colour and reminds me of crispy leaves. Although it's quite a difficult shade to describe specifically! The nail polish applies easily and is a nice thick consistency so it's fairly easy to a do a nice, neat job on your nails. I think you could get away with only one coat which is always nice if you haven't got much time. No7 nail polishes also don't take too long to dry, I also find that I can wear their polishes for a few days without having any problems with peeling or chips so even priced at £7 if there is a shade you like I'd grab it as I do think they're a great quality... even better with the £5 off.

This shade when applied to the nails is true to the shade when in the bottle. It leaves a nice glossy finish on the nails. Overall, I think this nail polish is absolutely gorgeous. No7 products are stocked in Boots stores or online.

15 February 2012

A Normal Tuesday

So yesterday was Tuesday the 14th of February... Valentines Day. I know not everyone is particularly into celebrating this kind of thing. It's true what they say, that special person should show they love you and appreciate you every day of the year. But for me this year it was welcomed. Mainly as it was nice to plan something and look forward to it particularly as I've been so busy and I've found it hard to find the time. 

I received a nice bunch of red roses, which was a pleasant surprise and a few other small, thoughtful gifts which I was very grateful for. We also went for a nice chilled out meal along with my brother and his girlfriend so it was a nice evening. Whether you're one for Valentines or not, I hope a good day was had by all ♥

9 February 2012

January Favourites | 12

A bit late but I thought I'd share some of my January favourites! 

1.  True Blood series 3. I received this as a Christmas present and have been watching an episode when I can here and there throughout January. I'm a huge fan of the series and have really loved watching this series. Only thing is I'm craving to see what happens next.

2. Lush products and just hot baths in general, probably a favourite almost every month. After the Christmas sale I stocked up on a few bits so I have a pile of products that I'm slowly working through! It's been extremely cold over these last few weeks so I literally jump into a hot bath when I get in.

3. Drakes latest album 'Take Care' and Florence + The Machine 'Ceremonials'. Both great albums in my opinion, they're a bit different genre wise so it depends what mood I'm in whilst listening. But Florence's album really chills me out I think she has such a beautiful, soulful voice.

4. My Yankee tart burner! I purchased this at the end of December along with a load of half price Christmas tarts to burn such as Christmas Cookie. I thought I'd give the wax tarts a try mainly because they're a lot cheaper then the jars of candles and it's a nice way to try a different scent. I'm so pleased I decided to try the wax tarts, if you're yet to try it I do recommend it! I think in some ways I find them to be stronger smelling then the regular candles and they seem to last ages. The burner itself is gorgeous so it's a nice addition to my bedroom. 

5. Coffee... My dissertation deadline is looming. Coffee is a LIFE SAVER. 

6. D&G 'The One' perfume. Another Christmas present which I absolutely love. I tried this on once before in Boots and fell in love with it so it was on my list and I'm chuffed with it. The scent is sweet and has hints of vanilla and floral notes to it. This perfume lasts well throughout the day but isn't overpowering or sickly which is great.

7. When I've had the time I've been reading 'One Day' by David Nicholls. My friend suggested this book to me quite a while back now and I just haven't got around to it. Since then they've made a movie adaption of this. I'm almost halfway through, I wish I had more time to read this as when I do read it I really enjoy it. I'm not going to comment too much on this till I've finished reading it. If anyone is wondering its major themes are of friendship, love and the two characters lives in general. It isn't your regular conventional love story.
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