18 April 2012

The Last Push

Just a quick little post today. I've been very busy recently but am relieved to say that within a month my studies will be over... well my current studies anyway! I've just got that final push of coursework and exam revision and then I can relax a little. I definitely can't wait. There is a few bits I've got planned in terms of blogging, so hopefully when I get some more time I'll be able to get to it!

But anyway I would like to wish everyone and anyone good luck if they're in the same boat - whether it's in school/sixth form, University, or whatever it is that you may be doing. Stay focused, it'll be worth it in the end :)


7 April 2012

March Favourites | 12

I've decided to take a little break from my ongoing, stressful, coursework to put together my March favourites. I can't believe it's April already! March has been a pretty hectic month for me, but thankfully, over the last week or two things have began to slowly settle down (PHEW!). Already a week into April, wheres the time gone eh, here are my March favs;

  •  Bobbi Brown Corrector - I purchased this a few months ago and this has quickly become a beauty favourite of mine. I use this corrector every day before applying my concealer and couldn't be without it. It helps even out the under eye area and gives a lovely base before applying the concealer, I've hit pan on this and will definitely be repurchasing once I've finished it!
  • Divergent - Veronica Roth. I spotted a review on this book and decided to purchase it via my kindle. With my job I sometimes find that I have quite lengthy breaks and so having my kindle at hand definitely helps to pass the time. This is one of those books that I haven't been able to put down! I only started this a few days ago and I'm already halfway through. I'm really enjoying this book and looking forward to reading the remaining books as I think Divergent is part of a trilogy. 
  •  Revlon - Sparkling. A gorgeous clear nail polish containing pink glitter. I love it. I've also been loving Nail's Inc's - Basil Street. It's a lovely subtle, nude shade. 
  •  Yankee candles & wax tarts. Okay I realise that this one is ALWAYS a favourite, but I really am a candle girl. Pretty much every night I've got some candles lit and my wax tart burner going. I find it relaxing and I love the variety of scents that are available. The nice thing is the wax tarts can be quite long lasting and are less than £2, so it's a nice way to try out different scents without committing to an expensive jar.
  •  Draw Something App - This game/app is very addictive. If you can, and haven't already - check it out.
  • YSL - Rouge Pure Shine Lipstick (No. 28 - Pink Sorbet). Since the sun has been making an appearance I've loved popping a bit of colour on the lips. I love the quality of YSL's lip products. The packaging is beautiful, the product smells delicious and is lovely and hydrating on the lips. This shade is a gorgeous pink, adding a nice bit of colour to the lips, but without being too in your face.
  • Une -Skin Glow Eye Pencil. This is a flesh coloured eye liner pencil, I have been using this more or less everyday in my water line. I prefer this over white eye pencil as it gives a softer, more natural look. This is the first product that I've tried from Une (can be purchased in Boots), I do like this pencil, it's quite smooth and creamy so it doesn't scratch or tug when applied. Une was one of the few, more cheaper brands, that I managed to find even selling these 'flesh' coloured eye liner pencils.

  • Pinterest - I've just recently got an account with Pinterest, which is an a virtual pinboard. You can visit Pinterest here!. Basically people share and can group images of all different types and styles. I personally love it as I think at times the images can be quite inspiring or beautiful. It can also be a nice way to pick up tips and tricks for things such as storage, decorating, scrap booking and crafts. They have loads of categories of images so there is definitely something there for everyone. When I've got a bit of free time, or feel that I want some ideas/inspiration, I give sites such as these a little visit. 
  •  Strawberry Iphone case -  I had to include this! I spotted this in Asda (George) of all places.    Where to start, first of all the quality isn't all that bad, it fits nicely, it's not flimsy, and I quite like the design. But what I was really pleased about was the price - £8! I think that has to be one of the most cheapest prices that I have ever spotted an Iphone case for. Particularly as the case had a design, most cases that I spot are over £15-20. This case has been on the back of my phone for the last 3 weeks and it's holding up well, so I think for £8 that's not bad at all.

And that's everything - I really ought to make a list as the month goes by as I always feel that I'm missing things! Anyway, what are your March favourites? I've attached some pictures below of most of the items mentioned in this post. 

L-R: Une Eye Pencil, Strawberry Iphone case, YSL lipstick & Bobbi Brown Corrector.
Une Skin Glow Eye Pencil in G03 and YSL Pink Sorbet Swatch.
Revlon's Sparkling & Nails Inc - Basil Street.
Yankee Candle Wax Tarts & Samplers.
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