27 February 2013

Catch Up

My laptops broken! It was slowly becoming more and more useless so I decided I should probably pop down to the little computer shop in town. So that's what I did, and was told that the hardrive was on its way out. SOB. Luckily everything was backed up as it's all getting fixed now. So whilst patiently waiting for it to be fixed I have been Internet free, well minus the usual bit of browsing on my phone! I've missed blogging so I thought I'd attempt a post from my phone. 


Despite wanting to chuck my laptop out of the window, prior to the computer shop visit, things have been good. It was the boyfriend's birthday a couple of weeks ago so I planned a secret trip to Cornwall. I love surprises and he had absolutely no idea. Although the weather was a bit temperamental (not at all surprising) it was a lovely little trip away and we had a great time. We travelled around most of Cornwall and stopped at various little places for walks, pictures, hot drinks and food. To name a few places - we stopped at St Ives, Padstow and Newquay. It was so relaxing and nice to have a change of scenery. I love being by the beach and Cornwall definitely has some really beautiful beaches! Carbis Bay in St Ives (top left and bottom right) has a lovely beach. After browsing around the town we walked back to the car, it then started to rain. By the time we got in to the car we were both absolutely drenched!

I also spent a week in my old home town catching up with some family and friends. It's always nice going back home and spending some quality time with loved ones. As its over a two hours drive from where I currently live I sometimes struggle to find the time to go and visit everyone, so sometimes months go between each visit. It was quite a chilled out week. I just enjoyed having the time off work and doing the simple little things such as having a cup of tea and a girly chat and catch up with my best friend or watching a couple of films with my Dad! Ahh the little things eh :)

Valentines Day

My boyfriend is the sweetest. We had nothing planned for valentines... to be honest I'm not a huge valentines day type of girl. A nice simple meal out would have been fine. But my boyfriend had planned a really special afternoon/evening. He'd booked us both in for a hot stone back massage at a spa hotel, a lovely meal and a room for the night. The hotel is a favourite of ours and one we often visit it when we can as a bit of a treat. It's in a really scenic location sat beside a beautiful lake. The hot stone back massage was a little slice of heaven. It was so relaxing and therapeutic. My work can be quite punishing on my back so I felt so much better for it. I can't recommend it enough if you're yet to try one.

Well in a nutshell that's it. Aside from all of the above I've been working like the busy bee that I am and trying to save up those pennies.  When I've had the chance to watch a bit of television my TV picks have been 'Nashville' and 'My Mad Fat Diary' (I love both of these, especially the latter) and a bit of 'Hollyoaks' on the side every now and then. Thankfully my laptop will be returned tomorrow all shiny and new, well kind of. I've missed catching up on my favourite blogs and being able to go on to my iTunes and update my music. Although you can do pretty much all of it these days on your phone, I much prefer my trusty laptop :)
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