29 July 2013

Revlon - Girly

This particular nail polish has been sat in my stash for a couple of months now, to the point that I actually forget I even had it. But I reached for it this morning when deciding what to put on my nails! I'm drawn to a bit of sparkle and glitter and this polish is no exception. It's a light lilac, slightly pink nail polish which has small pieces of glitter and slightly bigger hexagonal pieces of glitter, suspended within the polish. The colours of the glitter really work well with the polish shade - there's bits of purple, pink, lilac and blue glitter in there.

I applied one coat of a clear gloss to my nails before applying a single coat of Girly. I would say that the nail polish colour itself was quite sheer which was slightly dissapointing, although I think with more coats the lilac/pink shade should be a bit more prominent. I think it may also work better with a purple or pink nail varnish base. I was really impressed with the glitter pay off with just one coat. This nail polish is packed with it but at just the right amount. In some cases I had to place it a little, but I found that just brushing over the nail a couple more times evened out the glitter, and gave me the finish I was after. I found I managed to get quite an equal amount of glitter with each of my nails, without much effort at all. A couple more coats would easily pack the nails full of glitter.
I found the finish looked really glossy, although the base coat I applied definitely helped. I think its a gorgeous polish and looks really sweet and girly once on the nails. I really do love the mix of colours on the glitter pieces and how they compliment one another! 

So what do you think? Have you tried Revlon's - Girly yet?

26 July 2013

Yankee Candle Haul

I very briefly mentioned in my previous post that I stumbled across some little Yankee Candle bargains. I'm a big fan of candles in general, aswell as a Yankee Candle lover. I normally just stick to buying the wax tarts as I think they're affordable and it's easy to switch it up and try different scents without committing to a jar. But after spotting a few of my favourite scents, at a reduced price, I used the opportunity to pick up a few bigger sized candles!

The three little jars pictured above, Vanilla Satin, Beach Flowers and Black Coconut, are three scents that I love and have previously purchased as wax tarts. They were an obvious choice when I spotted the offer. Vanilla Satin has a light vanilla (surprise, surprise) scent to it which isn't too strong or sickly in comparison to some of the other vanilla scents. Beach Flowers has a fresh, floral and almost clean scent. Finally, Black Coconut has a light coconut/vanilla scent to it - it smells sweet and tropical.

In terms of price Black Coconut was it's usual price for the small sized jar, being around the £8 mark, but the other two were just over £5 each, as well as being 3 for 2! So for all three jars I paid just under £15. I'm pretty pleased with that! There were loads of different jars to choose from, and I was glad that this also included some of the newer scents.

The Triple Berry Tumbler is normally priced at £12, but was reduced to just over £8. I can't describe how delicious this candle smells. It's a really fruity sweet scent. This particular candle is part of a limited edition range, I really like the colourful summer look to the packaging. I also grabbed a couple of the Lake Sunset wax tarts. These weren't on offer but I quite like the scent - which I'd describe as being light and sweet with a hint of vanilla. I haven't spotted this particular scent elsewhere so I grabbed a couple.

I found this lot from at an outlet centre which had a nice big range of Yankee Candles. Although, I have been looking online and found quite a few places which are doing little sales and have reduced some of their prices. Here are a couple of the links for anyone that may be interested; yankee centreyankee.co.ukyankee direct.

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents? 

23 July 2013

The Little Things

{This picture was taken yesterday, in Devon. It was quite a long drive away but nice to visit somewhere different}

-Sunshine. I can't believe how lovely the weather has been, and that we've actually been having a proper summer. It's been pretty consistent over the last couple of weeks so I've loved sitting out in the garden in the late evenings, having the odd BBQ and swapping jeans and cardigans for dresses and sun tan lotion.

-Cold showers. After a few long and hot days at work it's been nice to come home and have a cold shower! So refreshing after feeling all hot and bothered.

-Vimto ice lollies.

-Sitting out in the garden with a cold drink and a good book.

-Trips to the beach. They're not that close to home - so although it can be a bit of a drive away it's always nice to be by the sea.

-Buying a handful of new Yankee Candles. I got a little bit excited when I saw that a load of the little jars were reduced, as well as 3 for 2!

-Minimising my stash of beauty bits. It feels good decluttering and I don't like having too much of the same kind of stuff, especially when it feels like I don't get around to using a majority of it. It should teach me really for being so easily tempted when I'm out shopping! I gave a few bits to a couple of friends who seemed genuinely pleased...definitely makes it worth it.

-Watching Buffy. I used to watch the odd episode years ago, so when deciding what TV programme to get in to next, I settled with this one. I'm so glad I did as I'm really enjoying it. I'm currently on the fifth series, I think there's another two left! It's nice being able to watch it from start to finish.

-Receiving the sweetest text from my best mate. Unexpected things like this make me smile :)

-Getting the boyfriend in to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I have the boxset and was horrified to discover that he's only ever watched a handful of episodes. We've been watching a couple of episodes each night now and I can tell he loves it!

-Talking of the boyfriend - he got me this beautiful little heart ring from Pandora which I was planning on treating myself to. I absolutely adore it, he's so thoughtful.

What's been making you lovely lot smile recently?

16 July 2013

Book Ramble/Review - 'A Game of Thrones (1)'

A friend of mine has read most of the books written by George RR Martin from the A Game of Thrones (AGOT) series and would often mention it to me. It didn't take long for me to download the first book, A Song of Ice and Fire, on to my kindle and start making my way through it. It took me a couple of weeks to finish, which I eventually did yesterday. I know a few people follow the TV programme based on these books, but I personally haven't got around to watching it myself. 

This book is quite different from other books that I've previously read, and to begin with I was unsure whether it would be able to hold my interest. Although when I started reading, I was quickly drawn in to the characters and the stories within this book and found myself pleasantly surprised. 

This book, along with the others from the AGOT series, is described as an epic fantasy novel. Here's a description of the book, which I've taken from amazon; 

"Long ago, in a time forgotten, a preternatural event threw the seasons out of balance. In a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, trouble is brewing. The cold is returning, and in the frozen wastes to the north of Winterfell, sinister and supernatural forces are massing beyond the kingdom’s protective Wall. At the center of the conflict lie the Starks of Winterfell, a family as harsh and unyielding as the land they were born to. Sweeping from a land of brutal cold to a distant summertime kingdom of epicurean plenty, here is a tale of lords and ladies, soldiers and sorcerers, assassins and bastards, who come together in a time of grim omens.

Here an enigmatic band of warriors bear swords of no human metal; a tribe of fierce wildlings carry men off into madness; a cruel young dragon prince barters his sister to win back his throne; and a determined woman undertakes the most treacherous of journeys. Amid plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, the fate of the Starks, their allies, and their enemies hangs perilously in the balance, as each endeavors to win that deadliest of conflicts: the game of thrones"

As you can probably see from the above this book has many different themes within it. There's quite a bit of violence, and it can be pretty heavy going, but despite it being something I'd not normally pick up I really did enjoy it. I think it's extremely well written which definitely helped me to get stuck in and want to continue reading. I did find that I had to be in the mood to read this book and make sure I was giving it my undivided attention as there are a variety of different characters within the story, so it's easy to get a bit confused and wonder who's who! At the end of the book theres a handy bit which lists all the characters within the houses which is helpful.

I like that each chapter or so is from one of the various character's view point as it allows you to explore the story fully. Also as there's a lot going on, it becomes more manageable and ties together nicely. I think I'll go for a couple of lighter reads before I tackle the second book. 

I'd love to hear what you think if you've read or are reading any of the AGOT books :)  

11 July 2013

New - This & That

I spotted this sweet little pyjama set in Accessorize a few days ago. At 50% off, and with all the hot evenings we've had recently, I just couldn't resist! I love the ditsy floral print and the light material.

Also in Accessorize was this cute little elephant key ring. It was sat by the till with a few other little floral printed animal key rings. Of course this one stole my heart as love elephants!  

I've been on the lookout for a relatively large but affordable bag for work. I'm hoping this fabric Dorothy Perkins one will do the job. I normally have to cram a few bits in to my bag for work and as I work long shifts I bring lots of bits and bobs to get me through the day. Unfortunately this means I end up bringing one of my favourite bags (which is slowly getting ruined!) and lots of other little ones. This bag was under £10, is roomy and has a beach bag vibe to it. I'm not too sure about the print though.

I loved the look of these cushions in Next, and after placing them together I was sold. I really like the combination of the bigger taupe coloured cushion and the smaller dark purple one. They'll probably end up on the cream chair that sits by my desk, as it adds a nice splash of colour. 
After returning from Italy last month I've been on the lookout for a few new frames for some of my favourite pictures from holiday. Its strange how I feel like no other picture looks quite right in some of the frame that I already own, other than the picture thats already in there. Maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing the same picture in each frame that a change just doesn't seem to fit. Is that just me? 

The three photo mirrored frame can be stood or hung up both vertically and horizontally. I particularly love the silver one. I love Laura Ashley but they're definitely not the most affordable, fortunately these were both on sale otherwise I wouldn't have grabbed them. I'm looking forward to sorting through all of the photos and picking out which ones to put up :)

The weekend is almost here! I hope you all have a good one. 

2 July 2013

Words To Live By

{Source: Pinterest}
{Source: Pinterest}
{Source: welionheart}
{Source: Pinterest}
-"If someone wants you in their life, they'll make room for you. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot. Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continously overlooks your worth" 
-Author Unknown

-"Either they like you or they don't. Never try to convince somebody of your worth. If a person doesn't appreciate you, they don't deserve you. Respect yourself and be with people who truly value you" -Brigitte Nicole

-"Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you" -Author Unknown

-"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" -Oscar Wilde

It seems as if a bit of a self-worth theme has emerged! I normally repin, save pictures or scribble down quotes as I go along and then after a while I'll pop it on to one of these posts. I suppose some of these quotes are a bit of a reflection of how I've been feeling recently, and have helped me by reaffirming the fact that I don't need certain people in my life and to let go of those that don't value me. At times thats definitely easier said than done but stumbling across quotes like these help give me that "Yeah!" attitude, and strangely enough it helps.
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