11 July 2013

New - This & That

I spotted this sweet little pyjama set in Accessorize a few days ago. At 50% off, and with all the hot evenings we've had recently, I just couldn't resist! I love the ditsy floral print and the light material.

Also in Accessorize was this cute little elephant key ring. It was sat by the till with a few other little floral printed animal key rings. Of course this one stole my heart as love elephants!  

I've been on the lookout for a relatively large but affordable bag for work. I'm hoping this fabric Dorothy Perkins one will do the job. I normally have to cram a few bits in to my bag for work and as I work long shifts I bring lots of bits and bobs to get me through the day. Unfortunately this means I end up bringing one of my favourite bags (which is slowly getting ruined!) and lots of other little ones. This bag was under £10, is roomy and has a beach bag vibe to it. I'm not too sure about the print though.

I loved the look of these cushions in Next, and after placing them together I was sold. I really like the combination of the bigger taupe coloured cushion and the smaller dark purple one. They'll probably end up on the cream chair that sits by my desk, as it adds a nice splash of colour. 
After returning from Italy last month I've been on the lookout for a few new frames for some of my favourite pictures from holiday. Its strange how I feel like no other picture looks quite right in some of the frame that I already own, other than the picture thats already in there. Maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing the same picture in each frame that a change just doesn't seem to fit. Is that just me? 

The three photo mirrored frame can be stood or hung up both vertically and horizontally. I particularly love the silver one. I love Laura Ashley but they're definitely not the most affordable, fortunately these were both on sale otherwise I wouldn't have grabbed them. I'm looking forward to sorting through all of the photos and picking out which ones to put up :)

The weekend is almost here! I hope you all have a good one. 

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