19 June 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

I spotted a lovely post by Louise (whose blog I love), that was right up my street. This post included a little list of 7 things for 7 days - filled with different things to be achieved for the week. I love this kind of thing and I'm often making lists. I find making lists and writing things down really help me to get things done! They can keep me motivated and help me to remember what needs to be done - as lets be honest sometimes life can be pretty hectic. 

So although it's now Tuesday I'm going to do the same. Here is my little list for this week;

Organise- After finishing University things have slowly began to settle down. Now I have more time for myself there is an ever growing list of things that need to be organised - and that I actually have the time to organise. Things such as piles of receipts, letters, magazines, notes etc. This pile is slowly taking over my desk!

Relax- I've had an incredibly busy weekend, I worked through it all and I'm pretty exhausted. So I'm going to try and find at least one day in this week to chill out, have a nice bubble bath and cosy up with some candles and a good book. 

Work- Kind of the opposite to relaxing eh, but like many other people I have to work... booo. I'm also starting a diploma with the company I work for so I'm going to have to get my head down and get working on this to.

Catch Up- Phone calls, friends, emails. You know the drill.

Exercise- This one was also on Louise's list, and like Louise I'm not suggesting a HUGE work out session. I'm leaning more towards the healthier lifestyle side. I need to try and make time to 'look after myself' more by being a bit more active and eating a bit more healthier (I have the WORST sweet tooth ever). I often think this to myself week in week out... but I really do need to stick to it!

Save- This will be on my weekly list for weeks. I'm planning on going away this year so I really need to put away those pennies! I'm really looking forward to having somewhere booked and to have a week away in the sun. I'll be avoiding the shops and all forms of temptation for at least a couple of months (hopefully!!).

Read- I've almost finished reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. This was a birthday present well over a year ago now. I didn't really rush to read this and I'm not sure why as it's a really great book. Whilst reading this I've constantly been thinking "This would be such a good film!" - I looked it up and funnily enough it is in post production to be released next year! I'll definitely be doing a post on this once I'm done.

Louise is doing an interactive 7 Things - Link Here. Feel free to join in :) I think its a great idea!

What are your weekly/monthly tasks? Do you write to do lists?

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