19 August 2013

Botanics - Rosewater Toning Spritz

 This Botanics toner is a product that I'd picked up and forgotten about - mainly as I haven't quite got around to finishing my current toner. However, after running out of cotton pads to apply my usual toner with I remembered I had this toner spray in my little beauty stash! I've now been using this for the last three to four weeks and I've found it really refreshing and handy. 

You use this toner by spritzing the product over your face, you're supposed to wipe away with cotton wool afterwards but due to having a lack of this I've been skipping that step! After the hot evenings we've had during July I have found this a really welcome addition to my skin care routine. The cool toning spray is so lovely, cool and refreshing especially if you're feeling a bit hot and bothered. I have been applying this to my face - when clean and dry and after cleansing. Once I've spritzed this on, after letting the product soak in or patting my face with a towel, I apply my moisturiser or night cream. 

The consistency of this product is of course like water, one spray offers a nice distrubution of the rosewater toner. After it has soaked in to my skin- which doesn't take long at all, my skin feels slightly softer and is left with a faint rose scent. I don't particularly mind the scent, but I'm glad it doesn't really linger on the skin.

I like that there are minimal ingredients in this product, and that these ingredients are supposedly 100% organic. I also like that this toner doesn't irritate my skin and that it gives me a nice refreshing alternative to my usual dab and sweep toner. 

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