3 October 2013


Last month was a bit of a hectic/stressful month for me. A close family member of mine has been having some health issues, but thankfully they have been dealt with now. It left me with a little cloud of worry which had been following me around for the best part of month. It can be difficult trying to be positive and supportive to those closest to you when inside you are just as fearful as they are! I've had to be the stable, constant rock of reassurance which hasn't always been easy, but thankfully things have worked themselves out. I won't go into detail as it's quite personal. One thing I have definitely learnt from this experience is to never ignore things/symptoms. Even if it may seem trivial, embarrassing or not that big of a deal - it's always best to be safe. Fortunately things were dealt with swiftly otherwise it would have become a much bigger and scarier issue! 

After all of the worrying I really enjoyed some time away last weekend. I travelled back to my old home town, with the boyfriend, on Saturday up until Monday. It was so nice having time together, and being able to catch up with family and friends! On the Sunday we ventured out to an Italian restaurant. The food was delicious! We had bread, dips and olives to start and pizza for our mains. Yum.
I've had most of this week off work which has been lovely. So I've been trying to make the most of the time by getting into my studies and trying to get on top of things. As well as just having a bit of 'me' time. I finally managed to get around to getting my holiday pictures printed out... all 200 of them. There were so many pictures to choose from! I'm looking forward to sorting through them all and putting my favourites into frames. 

I have to say it's nice to be in a new month. Hopefully this one will be better than the last! 

p.s. I had to include this photo of Charlie - he looks so sweet and comfy! Not so sweet yesterday evening though, after he decided to use my cupboard as a toilet (TWICE!)

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  1. Haha, oh your cat! I actually sleep in that position. What a cutie! Charlie is a great name for a fluffy ginger cat too. I hope your personal issues get resolve themselves, sorry to hear you are having a bit of a rubbish time!
    Kisses from Scotland!

    Emma x


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