9 March 2013

Current Favourites

Soap & Glory - Heel Genius
I'm not normally one for applying creams or lotions to my feet, in fact you could say my feet do get a little bit neglected. After painting my toe nails a few weeks ago I thought I'd slap on a bit of this foot cream - and it's now become a bit of a regular occurrence. I normally apply this a couple of times a week before bed. It's suggested on the packaging to slip some socks on after you've massaged this cream in to your feet to allow it to soak in through the night. I really like this foot cream it has a fresh, clean scent to it which initially reminds me of a sort of cucumber scent. I find this cream to be very moisturising, it soaks in fairly quickly and leaves my feet feeling very soft and hydrated.

Liz Earle - Skin Repair Moisturisier
After trying out the mini Liz Earle skin care kit I decided I'd purchase the full sized moisturiser. This product stood out the most to me and was the one product I felt my skin really agreed with. I now apply this every morning and night. It leaves my skin feeling nice and hydrated but isn't too heavy. It's quite rich so I don't tend to use too much of it. I love the light scent of this cream - it's subtle and sweet. 

Philips Satin Soft Epilator 
I received this epilator for Christmas - I had specifically asked for one as I've been wanting to try epilating for a while now. A handful of work friends have been telling me about the benefits of epilating and I thought it was definitely worth trying. In a nutshell an epilator is a mehtod of hair removal. It's an electrical device which grasps hairs and pulls several out at the same time (basically like tweezing). It doesn't sound particularly pleasant to be honest. Although it's taken a few attempts I'm starting to get used to the sensation of epilating and I really do love the results. At the moment I've only epilated my legs but eventually I hope to do under my arms aswell. As the hairs are being pulled out they don't grow back as quickly as they would if you were shaving. In the future I'll think about doing a more in depth post about epilating for those of you that may want to know more. 

Benefit - They're Real! Mascara
I held off from trying this product for a while as at £18.50 this mascara is definitely not the cheapest, but I gave in and I have to admit I love it. This mascara gives my lashes a full, natural look. But Benefit's mascara seems to go one step further. It stays put all day and really opens up the eyes.  It can be quite difficult when removing your eye make up, although this depends on your method and the products you use. After a few months, like with many other mascaras, this product can tend to clump slightly. Although I've found this easy to work with and just comb may lashes through if there is the odd bit of clumping, unlike some other mascaras which are a complete nightmare and leave you with what looks like 5 giant lashes on each eye. I'll definitely be repurchasing this, it's very flattering and easily a favourite.

I've really been in to a few TV programmes over the last couple of months; My Mad Fat Diary, Nashville and more recently The Vampire Diaries have been top of my list. Bit of a variety as these programmes are quite different from one another, but I've been enjoying watching them all. 

The first series of My Mad Fat Diary has finished now, but is apparently set to return. 

Nashville is a new US series which has recently started, it's a few episodes in to the first series currently on More 4. Finally the Vampire Diaries, I've heard a lot about this series and although I haven't been following it at all I decided I'd give it a go. I'm about halfway through the first series at the moment- so far so good. 

What have been your favourites recently?


  1. I love heel genius and I really want to try the mascara

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook


  2. I luv liz earle products, and I too have the same feeling on this moisturiser. Funnily enough I havnt blogged about liz earle so this post makes me want to write about the brand soon hehe^^
    Im also a fan of soap and glory, - got so many procuts of theirs but not the heel genius, maybe I should try it as my feet are always so dry! x

  3. Heel Genius and They're Real! are two of my all time favourite products, too!


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