15 May 2013


On  the bank holiday Monday me and the boyfriend made a last minute decision to make the most of our day off together go and visit a safari park! I worked all weekend but fortunately we both had the Monday off. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we picked up some snacks, packed some suncream and a camera and made our way to a safari park.

As it was a bank holiday it was super busy, the actual process of driving through the safari park was long! I'm talking hours. Most of the time it felt like sitting in a very long traffic queue. Normally this may have been irritating but the sun was shining and seeing all of the animals along the way made it worth it. In particular seeing the two beautiful elephants. I don't think I can explain how much I love elephants! Once we'd spent hours making our way around the safari part we parked up and had a little mooch around. This park also had amusement rides and other animals located within the park. We went on a couple of rides, which was highly amusing. My boyfriend isn't one for rides. He enjoyed them in the end but watching his reactions were hilarious. We ended the day by grabbing a bag of chips, sitting on a picnic bench and enjoying the sunshine before heading home. 

I loved our day out together, despite how busy it was. It was one of those fun, light hearted days. 

There was a nice week or so of rain-free days and sunshine. When me and the boyfriend had bit of free time together and weren't stuck in work we tried to make the most of it by getting out and about. This usually consisted of jumping in the car and finding nice places to have a mooch and a walk around. Below: the view by the docks and taking the dogs for a walk :)


I had last weekend off so me and the boyfriend spent a couple of days back home. Well back home for me anyway. I live a little way away from where I grew up so I often go back and visit some family and friends. This time around my boyfriend joined me. It was a lovely laid back weekend full of delicious home cooked meals, bowling, drinks and movies. You can't beat a catch up with loved ones especially when it's been a couple of months since your last visit. 

What have you all been up to lately?

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