27 March 2012

A Random Update

So at long last I finally got around to finishing my dissertation!! I can't explain how lovely it felt to finish it, print it, bind it and to hand it in. Working on my dissertation had literally been so time consuming, I was so relieved to have it completed. The hard work isn't quite over yet as I still have an exam and an assignment or two in the upcoming weeks. After finishing my dissertation I took a well deserved break and enjoyed having time for the simple things such as, painting my nails, catching up with friends and family, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine (been nice and sunny at the moment here in England! Lovely).  

On Friday night me and a friend popped down to the cinema and ended up watching The Hunger Games. I say 'ended up' as it really wasn't planned. I've heard lots about this film as well as lots about the books by Suzanne Collins. But I personally really wanted to have read the books first. However, the film that we was planning on watching was fully booked so we agreed to watch this instead. 

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when watching this film, but I really enjoyed it. My friend hadn't heard anything about this film or the books but she also really loved the film. My only slight criticism is that I thought the background to the story could have been set up a bit more clearly. Maybe it's further explained in the books or maybe I just didn't catch it in the film. But all in all, I thought there was some really strong performances by the leading characters. I loved how different the story is to many others that are out there, it was quite thought provoking. Although the story showed bravery it was also quite tragic, if you want to know more information about this film click here (IMDb).
I know this film has been much anticipated as the books are very popular, and after watching this in the cinema I'm fairly certain that I will enjoy reading the books. 

Have you watched this film yet? Have you read the books? What is your opinion on The Hunger Games.


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