29 May 2012

Bobbi Brown - Shimmer Brick Compact

So I very recently picked up a stunning beauty product which I think is genuinely beautiful. A few weeks ago my friend showed me her Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and I fell in love. The colours and the packaging really stood out to me, but I was sold after she applied it to my cheeks. It wasn't long before I picked up my own in the same shade, Rose. I adore this product I really do. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in ROSE
I haven't tried many Bobbi Brown products in the past, except for the corrector and creamy concealer (both of which are now firm favourite's of mine!). However, after trying and loving the corrector and concealer as well as the Shimmer Brick I think Bobbi Brown is definitely a brand that I'm growing more and more interested in. The Shimmer Brick was a product that I hadn't really heard much about. Although after picking one up myself and doing some research I have discovered that it's actually a best seller of theirs.

The Shimmer Brick comes in a nice, sturdy black compact which includes a mirror and a combination of five beautiful shades are lined together to create the Shimmer Brick. This product intends to add a highlight and a glow to the cheeks. It can be used as a blusher/highlighter on its own or over a blusher. The shades can also be used individually or together as an eye shadow. If used over the blusher the idea is to sweep your blusher brush through all five shades and dust lightly onto the cheekbones.

L-R - In order of top to bottom from the Shimmer Brick 


The Rose Shimmer Brick, which I picked up, gives a lovely rosy glow to the cheeks which I absolutely love. Each of these five shades are really beautiful and slightly shimmery. The combination of these shades together creates a really stunning finish. I love the versatility of this product, it's wearable throughout the day and in the night. I'm so glad I stumbled across this gem I LOVE it. Now to resist picking up all the other shades!

The Shimmer Bricks retail at around £30.50. However, there have been a lot of 10% off deals at stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis so at the right time it can be picked up for a bit cheaper. It's not the cheapest of products but it's a product that can be used in various ways and is versatile enough to be worn every day. I think it's worth the price tag. I picked up the shade Rose but Bobbi Brown also do the shades Rose Gold, Nectar, Beige, Bronze and Rose Quartz. Although some of these shades are only limited edition.

If you want to know more about these products - click HERE

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown products or the Shimmer Brick? What are your Bobbi Brown favourite's?

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