18 May 2012

L'Oreal Caresse Lip Butters

I've been meaning to write a blog post on this for quite some time. Over the last couple of weeks I have accumulated a handful of L'Oreal's Caresse Lip Butters. I had heard lots of different things (mainly good) about lip butters in general and decided that I wanted to try some! Lip butters, if you didn't know, are said to be a cross between a lipstick and a lip balm. Therefore offer colour and moisture to the lips. Over the last few weeks I've been tempted by the selection of lip butters from L'Oreal - and have somehow ended up with 5 of their lip butters (I blame the offers that seem to be floating around in some stores!). The shades that I own include; Fashionista Pink, Aphrodite Scarlet, Tempting Lilac, Sweet Berry and Nude Ingenue.                                                                                                                                                                             


L-R - Fashionista Pink, Aphrodite Scarlet, Tempting Lilac, Sweet Berry and Nude Ingenue.
L-R - Fashionista Pink, Aphrodite Scarlet, Tempting Lilac, Sweet Berry and Nude Ingenue. (2/3 coats)

Now where to start... the packaging is sleek and makes identifying the lipstick very easy.  This is really handy as it can be a bit difficult sometimes to remember what is what, so it's a bit of a time saver. The lip butters themselves have a slightly sweet scent to them which is always nice. They are lovely to apply and feel soft and moisturising on the lips. You can achieve a nice colour on the lips as these lip butters are very buildable. One light coat adds a little bit of colour and shine, but after applying more coats you can build a more opaque look. I find the finish is more glossy and gentle on the lips than your regular lipstick. 

Personally I quite like the look you can create with these lip butters as I often shy away from bright lipsticks as I feel that they don't particularly suit me. But with these lip butters a softer finish can be achieved, so colours such as Aphrodite Scarlet do not come out on the lips as a bright matte red, as oppose to other red lipsticks. Instead it comes out as a more subtle red which is buildable and glossy... and for me, more wearable. I adore these lip butters, they're lovely and lightweight which is great for the Summer months ahead. The only flaw is that due to the formulation of lip butters they do not stay on the lips as long as a regular lipstick would. I have found that colouring the lips with a lip pencil beforehand does help in giving the lip butters something to cling to which helps with keeping the colour on for slightly longer. But other than that I can't fault them. I absolutely love all of the shades that I have picked up, I think they look lovely on - tempting lilac has to be one of my favourites! 

These are priced at around £7.99 and can be purchased in places such as Boots, Superdrug and many larger supermarkets. 

Have you tried any lip butters yet? - Have you got any favourites?


  1. Any insight as to how they compare to Revon's lip butters? Because I have a few of those, but haven't tried these yet.

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    1. Hi Kirsty. I've only very recently just picked up a Revlon lip butter.. so haven't had the chance to properly try out and compare. One thing I have noticed is a difference in shades, I think they both offer quite different shades to one another which is nice :)


  2. need to pick up the sweet berry, the colour looks lovely!


  3. great blog I follow you now:) Follow me back if you like kisses Magda xx



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