15 May 2012

Essie - Eternal Optimist

I have really missed blogging over the last couple of weeks. There is something quite nice about sitting in front of my laptop and typing away about things I love and enjoy. However, I have been in the final stages of finishing off my degree (good old exams and all that - fun fun fun). So of course my studies became my priority. But I have now finished my course, so I finally have the time to do things that I want to do - such as blogging :)  I was originally going to post an April favourite's post but have decided against it. I didn't have a huge amount of April favourite's to include anyway, so instead I will do individual posts about some of my recent favourite products which I have been absolutely loving. 

If you hadn't already guessed from the title I'm going to do a little post today on an Essie nail polish which I very recently purchased! Being UK based Essie can be quite difficult to get hold of, especially as I'm the type of person that likes to see the products in person. So as you can imagine when I spotted a beautiful new Essie stand in my local Boots I was very happy indeed :) I've always wanted to try this brand (I'm an Essie newbie), and have heard so many good things about it so was excited to pick out a shade! Boots are selling around about 30 different shades, which are all priced at £7.99. The shade that I chose to purchase was number 23 - 'Eternal Optimist'. Not only do I love the name of this nail polish but I love the shade too. 

I would describe this shade (Eternal Optimist) as a muted, nude pink. Essie itself describes this shade as a "spiced tea rose with a dash of cream". The shade almost reminds me of a prawn cocktail kind of shade. Overall I love the packaging of Essie's nail polishes, they're really simple but pretty and sturdy. The brush is quite thick and wide so it's easy to apply a nice, even amount of polish to the nails. The nail polish itself is a lovely consistency, it isn't too watery or too gloppy, so it's a joy to apply. It's possible to get a fairly opaque look with one coat, depending on the amount of polish you load onto the brush, but personally I think two coats looks really lovely and gives a better finished look. The final look on the nails is definitely the colour you see in the bottle, I know sometimes colours on the nails can look very different to when in the bottle. I painted my nails on Saturday afternoon and have had no problems with chipping yet, just a tiny bit of wear and tear at the very end of a few of the nails which is barely even noticeable (it is now Tuesday so that's a good 3 days). When I applied this nail polish I didn't apply a base coat or a top coat, I only applied two coats which gives a slight glossy finish. I'm pretty impressed with the longevity of this nail polish and really love the shade! Another bonus for me was that I found the polish to be quite quick drying once applied to the nails. 

I would definitely recommend this shade, and judging from my experience with this particular polish I would also recommend the brand. I think this shade is lovely for adding a bit of colour to the nails, but is subtle enough to be worn as a slightly different 'nude' shade. It's definitely not like any of my other shades. A big thumbs up from me. 

Have you tried this shade before? Are you an Essie fan or an Essie newbie? I'm looking forward to trying some other Essie shades so would love to hear what peoples favourite's are?


  1. Love this shade! Looks beautiful!:-)

    1. Me too :) Thanks for commenting x

  2. Ooh, I really like this colour! I am a fan of Essie polishes. :)

    Following your blog, would you mind checking mine out?


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