20 July 2012

A Little Bit Of Inspiration

I've been having one of those semi-productive days today. I had such good intentions this morning, I even had a to do list! It's been my first full day off in a while and like many other people I have quite a few bits and bobs that I should really be getting on with. But I think I'll let myself off the hook today as I did manage to do at least half of the things that were on my list :) But I quickly got distracted by my laptop...typical.

I thought I'd have a little ramble about one of my favourite sites...Pinterest (the thing that has been distracting me all afternoon!). It's a fairly popular one I'm sure. It's basically a virtual pinboard, so through Pinterest you're able to share and organise pictures of pretty much anything! The reason I'm sharing this with you all is because I find it such a motivator. It really has become like a little scrap book of pictures that I find pretty, inspiring or just of things I like or would like to do/try, of places I'd like to go and the list just goes on. Categories on Pinterest can range from food, travel, weddings, home, beauty, sport and so on. 

I'm quite an arty person. I love creating things and I'm into home decor and all things creative! Pinterest is brilliant for giving me ideas on different things to try, on little D.I.Y projects as well as home decor. I also love how through some of these pictures you're able to access many of the original sources. Through Pinterest I have stumbled across some really great blogs and sites. All in all whenever I'm lacking a bit of Ooomph, Pinterest is one of my places to go! I also love going through pictures of quotes, cute animals, yummy food-recipes, beautiful travel locations, beauty and home decor. 

Well that is my ramble for today! I just thought I'd share. I know there is a handful of sites like Pinterest but for those who maybe haven't had a browse yet I'd recommend it. There is definitely something on there for everyone and it really is a lovely way to pick up some ideas and inspiration. I thought I'd attach a few of my random, favourite pictures/pins so far. I've tried to include a bit of everything. Although each of these are from Pinterest, where I can I have attached the original source. None of these images are my own. Enjoy :)

{Got to love a bit of glitter}
{I absolutely love fairy lights in the bedroom!}
{Original Source: The Beauty Department.  I love this site!! Check it out if you haven't already}
{This is so pretty... and actually quite easy to make. Original source: Sania Pell Disco Vase. Discovered Sania Pell through Pinterest, I absolutely love some of her home decor ideas!}   
{How stunning and peaceful does this look? Fairy Pools-Scotland. Original Source: Google Images}

(Just thought I should mention that I'm not sponsored or affiliated with Pinterest in any way - just thought I'd share my love for this site)

Are you a fan of Pinterest? Where do you get your inspiration/motivation from?

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  1. Love the bedroom lights, so pretty <3.

    Sadie x



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