2 August 2012

Back To Basics - Clinique

Hello everyone. Today I decided that I would do a post on my basic skin care routine. The reason for this is because it has served me well over the last few years and definitely deserves a little shout out. I will go into how I came across these products as I think it shows how the products have worked out for me.

I should probably start by saying that I have normal to dry combination skin. I'm quite lucky in that my skin isn't too sensitive and I don't suffer with many break outs. My skin can at times have a few little dry patches here and there, which is funnily enough how I stumbled across my skin care favourites in the first place.

It all started a few years ago when I had the most stubborn dry patch on my nose and to the sides of my nose by my cheeks, this was out of the ordinary for me and nothing was helping it to budge. The dry patch felt horrible and was even slightly flaky and a bit red. I tried applying different creams, I slathered on vaseline before going to bed, I changed my soap etc. Most of these things helped the dry patch disappear for probably about an hour before the it returned! So it really felt like nothing was healing or improving it. So as you do I had a little moan to one of my friends who recommended trying Clinique. 

I hadn't tried Clinique before so decided to have a little browse. I popped over to my local stockist and had a little consultation and chat with a lovely lady who recommended their 3 step skin care range. After looking at my dry patch I was asked if I use face wipes, which I did. I would use face wipes more or less every night to take my make up off. I was pretty naive at this point with my skin care knowledge, I didn't even think that face wipes could have been the cause but I was told they were drying out my skin. From that day on I have not used face wipes, I refuse to! I purchased the 3 step skin care range and haven't stopped using it since. I was so relieved and impressed that these products had helped to improve the condition of my skin and to budge the horrible dry patch. I really feel like I couldn't be without it. 

I must admit over the last few weeks I had been neglecting these products, I was getting a little caught up in trying different bits and bobs and as a result I had a break out and noticed a difference in my skin. Pretty much straight away I went back to basics and just stuck to using my 3 step skin care products. After a week or two my skin went back to normal. I know I can rely on these products and thought I'd share a bit of my love for them with you all. 

Clinique has a few ranges to suit all different skin types. When having a consultation you are able to identify what type of skin you have and pick up the products that are most suitable for your skin type. 

{L-R - Step 1, 2 & 3. Apologies for the picture quality not being the best}

STEP 1: Liquid Facial Soap (Mild) - 

This facial soap is non drying and fragrance free. The pump applicator makes this product easy to use and not much is needed to get a nice foam going when working into the skin - so you don't quickly run out of this. This product is very gentle and is intended to cleanse the face. I usually wash my face as normal then use one pump of this in the morning and one in the evening, so you really don't need much. A little bit goes a long way as it lathers up to a bit of a foam. My skin always feels refreshed, clean and soft after using this.

STEP 2: Clarifying Lotion -

The clarifying lotion is described as a gentle exfoliating lotion. It is fragrance free and is the same sort of consistency as water. This is used on skin through dabbing a bit onto a cotton ball or pad and then sweeping lightly over the face and throat. Again, a very little goes a long way as only a small amount needs to be swept onto the face. Like the facial soap it can be used twice a day. I find this lotion quite gentle although sometimes I can feel a slight tingle when applying, but this doesn't feel uncomfortable or irritating in any way, I actually find it quite refreshing. I feel that this is a necessary step and love applying my moisturiser after using this.

STEP 3: Dramaticallty Different Moisturising Lotion -

The final step is a very gentle moisturiser. Like the other products this is fragrance free. I find this just the right consistency, it feels lovely to apply and I can really feel my skin soaking it up. It isn't always necessary to put this on all over the face, a little bit can be used were needed (such as dry patches or problem areas) or it can be used all over the face and the throat, depending on what you want or need. I personally like to apply this all over as I feel it's nice and moisturising, especially before bed.

The nice thing about Cliniques products is that you have the option of purchasing different sizes, as well as containers with or without the pump. This is great as you can have a bit more choice as to what you prefer. I personally find the pumps a lot easier. I also like how Clinique tries to accommodate for different skin types (dry, normal or oily). 

I can't comment on how effective it is for other skin types but it's worked wonders on my normal-dry combination skin. It goes without saying that everyone is different and everyone's skin is different so these products may not work for everyone. But for me, personally, I love these products and can't see myself not using them, I've continued to repurchase them after using them up, and nothing really has quite produced the same results. I think I'll always have a soft spot for them as they helped me when my skin needed it.

If you want to know more about Clinique and their 3 Step range then click HERE. Clinique's products can be purchased online and in some stores such as Boots, John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser and so on.

Have you tried Clinique's products before? What are your skin care basics that you couldn't live without?


  1. I used the Clinique three step program for years and years, but now I don't and to be honest with you I can't remember if my skin was better when I was using it or not?! How bad is that - it would appear that I've got the memory of a goldfish! Part of me wants to go back to the three step but it's quite a lot of money to shell out for something I can't actually remember!! Hmm tricky decisions!
    I'm really glad you get on so well with it though!



    1. Oh really hahaa, I know the feeling! It isn't the cheapest but to be honest with you I don't have a problem with the price tag as I know it works well, it doesn't break me out and these products seem to last me months and months :) But if I did find a cheaper alternative I probably would go for that. Thanks for commenting Alice



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