22 August 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Glitter In The Air

A few months ago now I posted about a Deborah Lippmann polish which I picked up as a little treat to myself (Stairway To Heavenm- HERE - to view). I mentioned in that post that I picked up a couple of Lippmann polishes, the other being Glitter In The Air! I struggled on which to pick from these two polishes so ended up with them both. They both stood out to me as they look beautiful in the bottle and both involve a bit of glitter! 

Glitter In The Air resembles a milky blue pastel shade, and like Stairway To Heaven, this polish contains bits of glitter. These pieces of glitter are in the colours pink and blue and range in sizes. The Lippmann site describes Glitter In The Air as a sheer "sky blue confetti" polish.

This polish applies nicely onto the nails so it's easy to achieve a lovely finish as the consistency of the polish is just right. It isn't runny or overly thick and I found the polish also dried fairly quickly which is always a bonus. The colour itself differs slightly from what you can see in the bottle. This polish is quite sheer so you don't quite get the blue shade that you see above, which is slightly disappointing. However with two coats you get a subtle milky pastel blue finish. Some people may not like the sheerness but I actually like the overall finish. I think it gives the nails a beautiful subtle shade and really compliments the bits of glitter. It's quite a unique, whimsical finish and is right up my street. This polish would look lovely layered over other shades, so achieving a bluer finish can be easy by just grabbing a blue polish and layering this over the top.

Similar to Stairway to Heaven there are also some very small pieces of iridescent glitter floating around, which I love as you can't spot them till you move your hand around. As this polish isn't the 'packed with glitter type' I'd definitely recommend two coats as with the first coat there are times where hardly any glitter is distributed onto the nail. Once the second coat has been applied you can achieve a nicer finish and have a more even cover of glitter. If you're looking for an opaque shade this isn't the polish for you. Although the shade wasn't quite as blue as I'd hoped I still really love the finish. In terms of longevity I've found that with two coats I had no chips or wear and tear for the best part of a week - quite impressive.

{One Coat}
{Two coats}
As you can see from the above swatches the finish is quite glossy particularly when in the light. I've included a swatch below away from direct sunlight - shows a more true to life finish I think.

At £16 a bottle these polishes aren't cheap, I justified picking a few polishes up as they were a bit of a treat and a brand that I'd always wanted to try. I hate falling in love with a shade and struggling to find similar more affordable versions so sometimes picking up the pricier ones are the only way. I have heard that Revlon's Whimsical is a great dupe for this polish but this isn't readily available in the UK - well not that I know of anyway. Although I would love to try it!

Overall I'm pleased with my purchases, Lippmann's polishes are definitely great quality and it always feels a treat when using them. There are a handful of really beautiful unique shades that are just too hard to ignore! I would also love to try Lets Go Crazy, Mermaids Dream and Ray Of Light (all glitter related shades- I really am obsessed). Lippmann does glitter like I've never seen before. 

Are you a Lippmann fan? Have you tried any Lippmann polishes?


  1. So pretty! :)
    Unfortunately I haven't tried anything from DL but I'm also trying hard to resist getting some 18 bucks polishes, haha! xx

    1. I know wish things were cheaper sometimes! I do love DL polishes but couldn't afford to buy them to often :)x

  2. Ahh this is SO pretty, I love glitter nail polish x

  3. I haven't tried any of these polishes before, but this is so pretty that I might have to pick one up! x


  4. looks really nice I think I should try glitter nail polish:)



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