9 August 2012

Photo Diary

{Starting from top left - right}

-A gorgeous breakfast tray at a lovely hotel that me and the boyfriend stayed at to celebrate me passing my degree.
-I had to take a picture of these pretty lilies that are growing in my back garden.
-When it was hot! A walk, lunch and some ice cream by the river.
-Chocolate cake preparation. Yummy.
-My gorgeous ginger boy sleeping on my lap.
 -I received these yesterday as a little 'pick me up' from my boyfriend after having a bit of a rubbish week last week - such a thoughtful surprise, I love them.

I love seeing little collages like these that people put up on their blogs. I think it's a nice way to summarise what you have been doing, seeing, loving, wearing and so on. The list goes on.  I love taking pictures and being able to look over memories or creative/inspirational pics. Although sometimes I don't take enough pictures! 

Anyway here is my little collage for you all today. This includes a small handful of random (could say everyday) pictures taken from over the last couple of weeks. In future I'll add more, was just having a little play around on Picasa. I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Enjoy :)


  1. Well done for completing your degree :) I love the breakfast in bed - lucky girl :)


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