2 October 2012

September Favourites | 12

It's hard to believe that we are already in to our first week of October. Summer seems to have gone by so quickly. I haven't done a favourite's post since July, as there hasn't been much to include. September's favourite's is really August/September favourite's as I've decided to combine them.

Essie - Peach Daiquiri
I purchased this a few months ago and wore this shade on my nails throughout my holiday  in August. It's a very bright coral red/pink shade. I found this shade perfect for the Summer. Unfortunately the name rubbed off the label on the lid on holiday - due to the heat, so I actually had to look online to find the name of this polish.

Revlon - Bewitching
I recently reviewed this nail polish -here, a few days ago . It sneaked in to my favourite's at the very end of the month, but I love the shade so much!  It's been on my nails for three days now and I only have a tiny bit of tip wear. It's a gorgeous Autumn red alternative and something I know I probably will be wearing throughout the next few months. 

Stila - Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
I have also done a review on this product - here. This liquid eyeliner is great, it stays put, it's a lovely jet black shade and the felt tip style applicator makes it easy to apply. Read my review here, if you would like to know more.


Whilst on holiday at the end of August I made sure that I had lots of time to relax and enjoy myself. I managed to get through a bunch of books whilst away. My two favourite's from my little handful included Veronica Roth's - Insurgent and Nicholas Spark's - The Guardian. Insurgent is on my kindle, its the second book following on from Divergent, it was a great read full of lots of surprises. Nicholas Spark's is quite a popular author, and although I've watched some of the films based upon some of his books, I've never actually read one of his books. I picked a couple up as I thought they would be quite nice, light books to read on the beach. I really enjoyed The Guardian, it was a combination of a love story and a thriller. 

Face Flannels 
Okay a flannel probably sounds like a really odd favourite, but it's true. I've decided to use flannels more often. I never normally do use flannels but I've heard many positive things about them recently. So I picked up a handful, have chucked out my irritating eye make up remover and now just use a flannel. I find it a lot more gentle and soothing when taking off make up and washing my face. I normally fill up the sink with hot soapy water and hold the flannel to my face for a minute, I find it a lot more relaxing and feel it's much better for my skin. It's a cheaper alternative to all these make up remover products and wipes which sometimes can strip the skin and cause more harm than good. It's definitely worth a try! (This article has a bit more information on the benefits of using a flannel). I love my floral Cath Kidston flannel :)

Superdrug's Vitamin E - Nourishing Night Cream 
I use this product every night on my face. It's lovely and hydrating. This leaves my skin feeling moisturised and the cream smells like cocoa butter, but isn't sickly scent nor is it particularly strong once on the skin. I find this scent to be a very fresh, clean, coconut scent which I love! This is a great inexpensive product which can be purchased in Superdrug for around £2.99 although they're currently selling this product for £1.99 if you're interested.

Yankee Tart - Bahama Breeze
I'm always burning my Yankee Tart Wax burner, my current wax tart favourite is Bahama Breeze. It's a gorgeous tropical scent - I love it. Its such a lovely scent, even if the sun has disappeared and it's cold, wet and windy.

George - Slippers
Although it's starting to get a lot colder, I do love the little slip on slippers that you can purchase in George (Asda). They are inexpensive and really comfortable. Slippers often end up falling apart eventually so I love how affordable these slippers are. I always wear them when I'm at home.

Barry M Lip Gloss - 11
I've constantly been reaching for this lip gloss recently. I purchased this a few weeks back in Superdrug. It looks like quite an opaque pink/coral colour in the tube but it's very subtle and natural looking when on the lips. The texture isn't too sticky or gloppy and it smells sooo good, it has a very fruity sweet scent to it. Barry M's products are also affordable which is always an added bonus.

{Revlon-Bewitching & Essie-Peach Daiquiri}
{Barry M -No11 & Stila Eye Liner}


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, they're really soft and comfy :)x

  2. My eyes have immediately been drawn to that essie colour. It is gorgeous! I haven't even heard much about this colour. I shall investigate further haha xx

    1. It's really bright and Summery, love it x

  3. I like the look of the lipgloss especially, I haven't tried a Barry M one yet, i normally just buy their nail polishes but I think I will now.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, would you like to follow each other?
    Chloe xx

    1. I love Barry M glosses, they're lovely quality, smell gorgeous and are affordable :) you're welcome. Following you now x


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