29 September 2012

Revlon - Bewitching

I wasn't looking for a nail polish whilst browsing through my local drugstore, but as soon as I set eyes upon Revlon's - Bewitching (620), I knew I had to have it. It's my idea of Autumn/Winter in a bottle and is definitely something I would have on my nails on a regular basis. I know this as I already own a fairly similar shade which I love (273 Barry M's - Raspberry). Barry M's Raspberry is very similar although it's a shade or two lighter. Bewitching is a deep berry red - (very almost) burgundy shade. 
Revlon's polishes overall I think are good quality. They're priced at around £6-£7 which is great value considering the quality and quantity. I love the packaging and the variety of shades that are available. I find their polishes are easy to apply and are just the right consistency. I found that Bewitched looked pretty much opaque with just one coat which is great if you're in a rush, nothing worse then needing to apply coat after coat after coat. Not to mention you're not using as much polish. But for a much opaque look two coats is just right. This polish leaves a lovely glossy finish which I love. 

Barry M's polishes are a lot cheaper at just under £3 - bargain! But although Raspberry is easily a favourite of mine I think I prefer the slightly darker shade offered from Bewitching. You get almost 5mls more of polish with Revlon and a much better quality product. Barry M's polishes are affordable but I find they can chip quickly. It takes more coats to build a more opaque finish with Raspberry, I've included a picture below to allow for comparison. Not quite a dupe but I think they're very similar. Although the two shades look a lot alike in the bottle, once on the nails it's easy to spot the difference - especially in the sunlight.
{Revlon's - Bewitching, two coats}
{Middle finger is Barry M's - Raspberry, two coats}
What do you think of Revlon's Bewitching? Do you have any Autumn polish favourite's?


  1. Hi Vanessa,
    I have replied to the comment you left on my design/freelance post but i figured id comment you on here to so you definately saw it!

    You said you've sent me an email, but i havent recieved one so would you be able to send it again :)
    Natalie xx

    P.S thats a gorgeous colour :)

    1. Hi, I've replied and resent the email :)

      Thanks, I love it! x


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