20 September 2012

Link Love

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Elephants are one of my favourite things, I absolutely adore them.  This picture is amazing - it makes me smile.

This glitter gradient manicure looks gorgeous, definitely something I'd like to try out. The 'How To' is really straightforward.

Keeping with the 'nails theme'... I've just discovered the blog  'Nailed It',  which is full of amazing tutorials and all things nails related. Great for a nail polish junkie like me :)

I really love this 1950's inspired ponytail look/tutorial from The Beauty Department. I shall be trying this very soon, I think it looks really girly and great for both a day time or night time look. I love it!

I've just recently downloaded the Pinterest app for my phone. So I've been going on to Pinterest quite a bit over the last couple of days. Probably one of my favourite picture of the week from Pinterest is this one. It's such a simple but personal idea for a loved ones birthday!

It's nice reading a heart-warming, honest lifestyle post like this one by Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter (Crayola Weekends)

As sad as it may be I think it's time to accept that Autumn is definitely here, it's getting colder! Now as much as I love cracking out the bright nail polishes and the summery dresses I equally love winter bits. I'm talking over sized cardigans, woolly scarves, gloves and all the rest of it. I got quite excited when I popped in to Accessorize last week and discovered that they have their 'Winter Shop'  stock out now. They have some lovely bits in their which make me a bit too excited for colder days to come. 

How cute are these owl slippers from Next!

The Scripts last album 'Science and Faith' is a favourite of mine. I really want to pick '#3up to! As well as P!nk's new album 'The Truth About Love'


  1. These kind of post are always fun! And who doesn't want a pair of owl slippers? :) Lovely!

    1. They are, I love reading them and writing them. Thanks for stopping by :)x

  2. Loved that you shared the love :) And owls are always a win/win situation ;)



    1. Thank you, completely agree. Owls are cute x


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