14 September 2012

Stila - Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

I've discovered a new eyeliner favourite! Whilst browsing through Boots a few weeks ago I spotted Stila's liquid eyeliner, in 'intense black', and was drawn in. What appealed to me was the felt tip style applicator, something I haven't tried before in a liquid eyeliner. Although I love the look of them, I'm always wary that it means that the product will dry up quickly! So I swatched this on the back of my hands... a lot, expecting to see the liner fade or something. The eyeliner didn't in any way fade but what sealed the deal for me was trying to rub the liner off the back of my hand. It wouldn't budge for anything, this really impressed me, I had to have it!

I'm definitely an eyeliner type of girl. I use liquid eyeliners occasionally, but more often then not I'm either using pencil or gel. I do have L'Oreal's liquid super liner in 'black amethyst' but it's a metallic dark purple shade, so I was in need of a black liquid eyeliner.

I started using this eyeliner whilst on holiday and I love it. It's extremely easy to use and I find it stays on very well. I found the felt tip pen applicator gave me a lot of control when applying the eyeliner, the tip is nice and thin so it's easy to apply a precise thin line if that's what you're after, but equally you can go for a more bold look with a thicker line. I found this eyeliner a lot easier then most for winging the eyeliner due to the tip. The applicator is gentle on the eyes and doesn't pull in any way, obviously the skin around the eye is very delicate so this is important. 
The liner itself comes out a lovely, slightly glossy, jet black. I personally found that the liner stays on very well with no smudging or creasing. I wore this almost every evening on holiday and so at times the temperatures could be quite humid but this liner stayed put. At the end of the evening it looked pretty much as if I'd just applied it, even near the tear ducts which with some liners seem to disappear.
Unfortunately I haven't properly tested how waterproof this eyeliner is, I haven't swam with it on. I have noticed that it doesn't run when water has been splashed on the face, like some mascaras/eyeliners. But it does come off nicely when using a hot, wet flannel to the face. To be honest it would annoy me if I had to rub my face raw to get this stuff off as it can be a bit of a pain.

Overall so far I'm really happy with this product, I'll definitely be repurchasing. I love how precise it can be, that it stays on very well and looks lovely on. My only criticism is that I can see that the writing on the product is starting to smudge off slightly. 

Do you wear liquid eyeliner or do you prefer something different? I'd love to hear what peoples favourite eyeliners are... I like discovering new favourite's!

Stila's stay all day waterproof eyeliner can be purchased online at Stila (link) or in Boot's stores for £13.

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