13 September 2012

Photo Diary #2

{Starting from top left - right}
 -The beach in the evening on holiday
-A yummy Pina Colada
-Camel ride!
-Window view from the plane on the way home
-A mini pampering session
-My little graduation bear :)

Thought I'd add a little photo diary post today. I'll probably add more very soon as I have a lot more photos on my actual camera, the above were just a couple that were on my phone. I love posts like these and creating collages (so feel free to leave a link if you have something similar on your blog). I think posts like these are lovely to look back on - scrap book comes to mind here. Not to mention that I love taking pictures anyway. I just need to find the time to organise my pictures file on this laptop... it's.a.MESS ;) 

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