20 November 2012

Last Week I...

-Loved seeing all of the Autumn colours on the trees when out and about

-Spent a large amount of time in bed, with lots of tissues, hot drinks and olbas oil!

-Have been burning one of my favourite candles (Daisy Dip) I love the cute tin. I think this candle looks and smells beautiful

-Went to Chiquito's and had some yummy chicken fajitas

-Finished reading 'The Girl You Left Behind' by JoJo Moyes...a good read which I seemed to whizz through

-Found Belle looking so sweet and innocent, nestled on the floor at the bottom of my bed.  Love her

-Watched Hollyoaks every night during the week... it was all very dramatic and sad!

-Had a big declutter and tidy up in my bedroom

-Thought Charlie looked so adorable all snuggled up on my bed

-Enjoyed spending some time with my boyfriend who had the week off work. Although I was ill throughout most of the week it was still nice to see more of him :)

-Had lots of cups of coffee (with Baileys). This is definitely a wintery drink for me

What did last week consist of for you?


  1. i love the lily flame candles your blog is great come over to mine sometime? coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Me too :) yes I would love to. Thanks for stopping by xx


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