9 November 2012

The Little Things

{Source: Pinterest. Original Source: Unknown}
-Wearing my cute owl pyjamas

-Getting engrossed in a good book! I've been reading The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes in bed and seem to be getting through this book very quickly

-Talking of books... finishing Life of Pi by Yann Martel

-Although I dislike the cold, wet and windy days, I have to admit I do love this time of year. It's starting to feel and look a lit like Autumn/Winter. I love the cosy feeling when indoors and all the gorgeous winter accessories that are floating about etc

-Mum's homemade chicken &/or vegetable soup (that I think may be stolen from my Italian Auntie). I literally cannot describe how delicious this is!! At this time of year it's a must

-Looking forward to a night away on Saturday with the boyfriend in our favourite hotel after a day of early Christmas shopping. I really can't wait

-Having a long weekend off work to look forward to, I worked long days all of last weekend so I'm looking forward to this a lot

-That feeling of finishing a hectic 12 hour day at work

-Drinking Bailey's coffee...mmm, delicious


-Although it was short lived, and didn't settle - those 10 minutes of watching the snow fall last Saturday morning


  1. Oh I love this post, reminds me there is ALWAYS something to be happy about x

    1. Thank you :) Yeah there is always something, even if it feels little and it's been a tough week x

  2. I have some owl pyjamas that make me very happy too! They're purple and lovely and snug, my favourite Sunday afternoon pyjamas xx

    1. Can't beat some snug old pjs. Little obsessed with mine at the moment :) x


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