23 November 2012

The Little Things

-My little birdcage candle holder which sits in the middle of my windowsill (pictured above). I love lighting this in the evening, I think it looks so pretty!

-Shopping and lunch with my Mum. It's always nice to have a nice girly day and a catch up with my Mum

-My Thornton's advent calendar which is sitting patiently on the side... not long now (you're never too old for an advent calendar in my opinion!)

-Finally getting around to upgrading and receiving my new phone, playing around with a broken button was no fun anymore. It's refreshing using a phone that has fully functioning buttons and is all shiny and new :)

-Getting better. I've had the worst cold so I've been a bit of a mess. It feels so good to have a decent nights sleep and feel a lot better in myself

-Decorating the Christmas tree. This may seem very early for some people, but my Mum and Stepdad get very excited and start Christmas preparations early... there is already a cupboard just for yummy Christmas goodies

-Chunky, fluffy socks. So cosy and so warm when lounging around the house

-Planning a trip to visit some of my family and friends next weekend. I really can't wait

-Buying and eating some Halloumi cheese. Me and my boyfriend love it so much, we got very excited after picking it up in Tesco's. It's sooooo good. This is a new favourite of ours after ordering some in Nandos and constantly craving it

-Seeing the gorgeous Christmas lights at my local shopping centre. The decorations there are so lovely this year. When I see them it makes me feel happy and very Christmassy. I'll definitely put a picture up at some point - they also have an outdoor ice rink and a lit up castle which reminds me of Disney - love it


  1. Lovely post! I'm getting so excited for Christmas now xxx


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