12 January 2012

The Big Cover Up - Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer

I had to write this post to share my love of two recently purchased beauty items! Both of which are Bobbi Brown products. One of which is a creamy concealer, the other is a corrector. After hearing nothing but good things about Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer I thought I would try it out... well that I had to try it out. I really am a concealer person as I do feel that I need a bit of cover up under my eyes and many of my previous concealers don't really do the job to be honest and I have tried a fair few. To begin with I did put it off but in the end I gave in. I must say I am glad that I did give in as I truly do love it, to me it is well worth the money!

Bobbi Brown Corrector: This costs around £17 and it aims to neutralise and brighten the skin tone before applying concealer. It's pinky peach and colour and is a lovely creamy but thick consistency it stays on well and I genuinely notice an improvement with my under eyes when applying this. I haven't found this to crease either!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer: This is also priced at around £17 also. It's similiar sort of consistency to the corrector and very easy to blend. This gives a nice strong coverage. 

I'm also a fan of their packaging, it's sleek, simple and compact. I also like that there is a mirror attached so it can be used on the go! I will definitely be repurchasing these when I'm finished with them.

Bobbi Brown UK website: Click Here

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