24 January 2012

Busy Busy Busy

This month for me has been extremely hectic, I'm in my final year at Uni and so I've been spending pretty much everyday doing research, reading, making notes etc. I have a huge dissertation due in... with two or so months left to complete it in. It's all very boring, repetitive and sometimes stressful, but not long till it's all over I suppose.

I think what gets me through weeks and weeks of work is learning how to 'manage' what you can. These are some ways that I manage to get things done:

  • I try to set achievable goals - so for example by the end of the day write 200 words of an assignment, or have a few targets to complete within a few days.
  • Give myself a break, I used to overdo it and not give myself a break (mainly because in the past I have left things to the last minute - which left me no choice). But I find making time for a break makes you feel more in control, refreshed and I find I get a lot more done!
  • The above point leads me on to time management - sometimes people don't give themselves enough time to do things in.
  • Timetables, okay I'm a list person. Telling myself to do 3-4 hours of work a day (if I can!), writing this down and ticking it off when completed honestly helps me more than you'd think.
  • Something to look forward to. I make myself stop at a certain point, if I've been working hard all day I make sure that when the clock hits a particular time I'll stop, put the books down and chill. Sometimes its nice to either get away from where the works taking place, or just have a lovely hot bath.
Although, it's okay to:
  • Have the odd day were you just feel really unmotivated, sometimes it's good to recognise this and just have a break. As long as you have enough time it's okay. There's been a few days were I've woken up and thought I really can't do this today, so I don't!
  • To feel a stressed or a little worried. This is really normal, I do have days when I will be thinking that I don't have enough time to complete everything in.
I've had a few years experience, and these 'tips' have helped me. But of course everybody is different. Good luck to anyone out there who is in the same boat.

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