27 January 2012

Something Special

I had to share this gorgeous swan that I was given as a gift from my boyfriend a week or so ago. I think its beautiful and I really do love this kind of stuff. It has lights inside it.

This is it when the lights aren't on. 

And with the lights on. I think its gorgeous :)

The picture quality isn't great, courtesy of my phone! The swan's made of a clear plastic, it's quite sturdy. The inside has LED lights. The thing I like most is that whether the lights are on or off it looks lovely either way. I like that with the lights off you can't really see where the lights are... so when eventually the lights die on me it won't be a problem. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, I just have to find a nice spot in my bedroom for it now :) If anyone is wondering the swan is from Laura Ashley.

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