22 January 2013

Red Lips | MAC Lipsticks

I've always admired how beautiful a red lip can look on others, but felt that such bold colours don't look quite right once on my own lips. Although I hadn't particularly tried many, those I had tried I felt were too bold and definitely weren't for me. After receiving a Debenhams voucher for Christmas I decided I'd pop to the MAC counter and take my time to search for a red lippy that I could (hopefully) see myself wearing. I did just that. I actually ended up with two as I couldn't decide which one I preferred! I took home a Lustre Lipstick in Lady Bug and a Sheen Supreme Lipstick in New Temptation (both of these were recommended by one of the MAC ladies). I also purchased a Lip Pencil in Cherry. 

Lady Bug is a buildable sheer red which has some orange tones to it. I find this red is very wearable, adding a subtle pop of colour. New Temptation is also a buildable sheer red but is more vivid in comparison to Lady Bug and I would say more of a cherry red. Due to the formula New Temptation feels very smooth and moisturising once applied. I love how New Temptation can be patted on to the lips to create a softer more subtle look. I think of the two New Temptation may be my favourite shade. 
{L-R- Cherry Lip Pencil, New Temptation & Lady Bug}
{L-R- Lady Bug & New Temptation}
Both of these lipsticks are, in my opinion, very wearable reds and are definitely shades that I feel I can confidently wear. Of course being the type of girl that normally wears more subtle shades it initially took a little getting used to but I'm pleased that I've managed to find reds that I feel suit me! The lovely thing is these reds are so versatile and easy to work with, both work well as an everyday colour but are still pretty enough to wear on a night out. 

What do you think? Any red lippy fans... if so what are your favourite's?


  1. I love the Lady bird shade! It's a gorgeous colour. Lovely post :)
    Daniella x



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