19 January 2013

The Little Things

-Having a few days off work after working some very long and tiring days!

-Enjoying a hearty homemade shepherds pie dinner the other evening. The melted cheese on top was delicious. Yum

-Giggling fits. I woke up the other night and to my amusement my boyfriend was sleep talking. He was wondering where the "hundreds of pieces of paper had disappeared to" Hilarious!

-Long phone conversations with friends that live miles away

-Working my way through my lovely stash of Lush goodies that I received for my Birthday & Christmas

-Discovering a red lipstick which I actually feel comfortable wearing

-Waking up Friday morning to see everything covered in snow. It was snowing lightly throughout the day - everything looked so pretty. Friday involved chucking snowballs, long walks, Mum tripping over in the garden and the dogs playing excitedly in the snow. So pleased I had the day off work. (The above picture was the view from my window yesterday morning)

-Sticking to one of my NY's goal/resolution of saving up those pennies. I've been quite strict on what I can spend my money on - so it feels good having a little chunk of money to put away and save after payday 


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