4 January 2013

Sparkle - Glitter Nail Polishes

It goes without saying that I love a bit of glitter. So it may come as no surprise that I received a little handful of gorgeous glitter nail polishes for Christmas. Yes they're an absolute pain when it comes to removing the stuff but that doesn't put me off in the slightest!
Leighton Denny - Best Seller. This is a gorgeous deep red shade which contains specks of shimmer.

Leighton Denny - Angel Dust. A clear polish packed with lots of tiny specks of silver shimmer. I love the name of this polish I think it's very sweet and fits well with this shade.
Deborah Lippmann - Ruby Red Slippers. A black base shade filled with tiny pieces of red glitter and bigger hexagonal pieces of red glitter.
I also received the Essie - Winter 2012 Collection (Minis) which includes the shades; Leading Lady, Snap Happy and Beyond Crazy. I will probably do a separate post on this lovely little Essie set. 

I'm yet to properly apply these shades to my nails but I have had a little play with them and swatched each shade on a nail for you all to see! I think these are all beautiful shades and a lovely quality. I already own two other Lippmann polishes (Stairway To Heaven and Glitter In The Air) and despite the high price tag I think there are some really gorgeous shades available that, in my opinion, are difficult to compete with. 
I don't feel that the below image captures how beautiful these shades are in real life. I found it quite tricky to get a picture that is true to how these shades look on the nails. Best Seller and Angel Dust have a lot more shimmer and the black base of the Lippmann polish looks slightly darker in real life.
{L-R- Ruby Red Slippers, Best Seller and Angel Dust}          
The Denny polishes are my first ever owned products from the brand and although I can't comment on how well these polishes last on the nails I can say that these two shades are lovely, the packaging looks sleek and professional and one coat of Best Seller gave a full opaque look. Angel Dust is very subtle and pretty on it's own adding a very light hint of glitter and a clear gloss to the nails, as the specks are so tiny it's not too heavy and catches your eye as you move your hand around. I tried a layer of one coat over a darker shade and loved the effect it added. It added a very subtle glitter topcoat which on close inspection makes me think of tiny stars sparkling. I adore this polish... it's simple yet effective. The Lippmann polish required three coats to achieve a more opaque finish. One coat left the black base looking very light so more than one coat is definitely needed in my opinion. 

Considering I already own a handful of polishes containing some sort of glitter I love how these three polishes add something different and unique to my little collection. 


  1. The Angel Dust is such a pretty colour!! I love the consistency of these polishes :)
    LaceyLoves x

    1. It's a really sweet nail polish I think, very impressed with the Denny polishes! x


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